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My Treasure Hunting Sites

I have added this section as a way to show off some of my detecting sites, and also to give some historical / relevant information about the sites.

Some of these pages will have a "360' Panoramic Video" attached. When you load the page, the video will automatically download. Each of these video's are about 2 Mb in size, so should not be a problem. Give them about a minute to load before watching.

To see these panoramic videos, you will need to have the "Quicktime" viewer/ Plugin installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, you may download it from: This is a free download.

Please download the viewer, as it will be worth it. (Before downloading, see if the video loads first) Some computers already have "Quicktime" loaded. 

Links to Sites

Misgund Farm

This site was a farm that belonged to the Johannesburg City Council, but has since been leased to another farmer to operate on. The farm managers house has been very badly vandalized, but is great for searching on.

Venterspost Shaft No 4 House

This house was hit by lightning and burnt down. The gold mine bought the property and built a mine shaft on it. 

African Encirclement Structures

These structures are made up of 1m high walls laid out as circles. Used by the Bantu for their livestock.

Waterpan Horse Riding Club 

This property belonged to the Western Areas Gold Mine. They built this horse riding club as part of it's sports facility. The club shut down after the mine closed in about 1996. 

Horse Mountain

Perdeberg (Horse Mountain) in Walkerville. This mountain was used during the Boer war to keep horses safe from a virus that mosquitoes transmitted, killing the horses.

Danie Theron Monument

This is a monument that has been placed on the Gatsrand mountain in South Africa, commemorating the place where Capt. Danie Theron was killed in the 1900's in the Boer war. Detecting not allowed due to being a historical monument.

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet

This site is where Gen. Christiaan De Wet hid his wife during the Boer war. Originally a farm, then it became a magistrates office after the war until it's demise.