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All Metal Mode? 

Should we detect in all metal mode? An article I placed in the "Temerity" magazine for May 2012. 

Treasure Hunting South Africa

An article I placed in the "Temerity" magazine for March 2012.

US Coin Size Chart 

A chart showing the sizes of US coins and tokens. 

Cleaning Silver Coins 

A tutorial on cleaning silver coins, with photo's. 

Questionnaire to Jog the Memory 

This is a file to help jog the memory of family and friends to find new treasure

hunting spots. Written by Peter Gill.

Photograph restoration

Here are some samples of photograph restoration that I have done. 

Creating Overlays in Google Earth

How to add maps and plans or other items as overlays in Google Earth.

Written by Peter Gill 

Cleaning your finds

You have found your treasure, but how do you clean it?

Written by Peter Gill

Electrolysis Tutorial

This is a Tutorial on how to make and how to use an electrolysis bath for cleaning artifacts.

Written by Peter Gill 

Introduction to Metal Detectors 

A well written document by Charles Garrett with great information on metal detectors and how they work. 

Metal Detector Recovery Methods 

Methods of find recovery in metal detecting, very informative. Dennis Katz.

Code of Practice Metal Detecting England

Small document on code of practice for the detector guy.

Metal detecting yes or no?

Are the detector guys doing more damage than good?

Basics of Metal Detecting

Tutorial on Metal detecting basics. Great for the beginner.

Whites Bullseye 2 120mm Pinpointing Probe manual 

Manual for the Whites Bullseye 2 Pinpointing Probe. 

Restoring Your Finds Like A Pro 

What to do with your find to keep and protect it from further damage.

Beginners Guide to Metal detecting

Excellent book for the beginner, 20Mb in size, but worth every bit of it. Julian Evan-Hart & Dave Stuckey.


Big Guns of the Boer War 

Good write-up about the Long Tom Gun that was used in the Boer war. 


Beginners Guide to Paper Money 

All about Paper Money with lots of great photos.

World Coin Manual

2010 World coins and Roman coins catalogues with photos and values of every coin there is. This file is about 85 Mb in size.(Will link to the site)

English Coins and Tokens

Ancient but excellent guide to English coins and Tokens, includes sections for Greek and Roman coins. 123 Pages a great resource...



Fuel Log Sheet

Fuel Log sheet for recording mileage for the Tax man...