Boer war artillery site Boer war artillery site Button N0 1 in hole Not sure if this is the whole button or just the back of a button????? 136323890 Button N0 1 The writing on these buttons are of two different companies, both from Birmingham, England. 136323891 2nd Button 136323892 9mm Remington Shell 136323893 9mm Remington Shell 136323894 Backend of Blank Shell 136323895 9mm Blank Shell First time seeing a blank at a Boer war site. 136323896 A thingy Not sure what this is, but it is about 1" x 3/4" in size. 136323897 A thingy still in the hole 136323898 Buttons and fasteners. 136323907 My Thingy... 136323908 My Finds Found quite a mixture of finds.... a very nice hunt. 136323906 Thingy 136323909 Shells Not sure yet of the size. 136323910 9mm Remington Shells 136323911 9mm Blank shell 136323912 Shotgun backends 16 gauge shotgun shells. One is fro Scotland. 136323913 Not sure 136323914 Some sort of hinge??? 136323915 Screws I think these screws were used to hold down corrugated sheeting on the roof of this site. 136323916 Steel ring This ring is 14cm in length x 10cm width x 16mm Diameter. 136323917 Shotgun case in ground 136323918 Shotgun Shell from Scotland 136323919 136323901 Xavier My detecting partner. 136323899 Yeah that's me :-) 136323900 136323902 Xavier searching the walls. 136323903 136323904 136323905 Xavier striking a pose :-) 136323920