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Been hitting the mountains hard lately and keep finding holes I want to explore. Since we have over 200 kinds of Rattlesnakes in the SouthWest  I dont like having to clear out of an area quickly. I dont kill em, and they are curious, but dont usually get too close.

Now I did step on one yesterday, that was a lucky day as he was just upset, but not enough to bite. Nothing worse than feeling something squishy and then the pop pop pop of them getting wound up.

So I carry a small roll of black tape in my pocket. A small LED flashlight, and usually a long pole from a centiry plant as they are everywhere. I tape the flash light on first, then attach the strap of the camera, then tape the outside edges of the camera to the stick. It works pretty well.

I dont have to enter holes or caves now.

Here is a pic.

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Peter Gill
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Fantastic idea John, would love to see some photo's from it... Could have other very practicle ideas,,,,,,


God Bless


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Sure keeps my hands and nead out of holes. Plus I dont like hanging off things or ballancing on two rocks to see whats in the next hole.

Lets see, pic, I have lots of pics. Let me put them in a album.

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