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I recently added Pgills web page to my phone and now I can access it quickly and easily.

The blackberry has an app called google maps, Im sure most of you are familure with. It works really well and lets me drop into my search sites. If its on Google, you can find it.

I was gonna buy a Garmin Etrex. I may still in the future as the Garmin Colorado has a feature that lets you make an emergency call. But have other needs right now.

Hope this helpful to others.

Merry Christmas

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Thanks for posting the info, John.



Dennis M. O'Connor

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Peter Gill
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The Garmin is an instrument that every treasure hunter should have.... Apart from getting you from A - B, it is also great for logging your treasure finds and uploading them to Google Earth on your computer. Only you can see your uploads, so your places of finds are kept secret.... If you get the Garmin that can do paths etc, that is great as what it does is map out exactly your search route..... That can also be uploaded onto Google Earth. 

Basically, if you have a area that you want to search like an old homestead, you can set out your search patterns on Google Earth, that way you will not search the same area again.... therefore you will cover more area..

If you look in the "Documents" section of the site, you can download an article on using Overlays in Google Earth, that is attaching paper maps and diagrams etc to an area.... This combined with the Garmin and Google Earth, give the user a fantastic research tool....


God Bless


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