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Hi Peter, was able to download the site to the phone no problem


Two things that went goofy was when I tried to download the widget. After loading and it took forever, it went to a completely different page that had nothing to do with the site. The web page here loads fine, but accessing the forum caused a message to send the page trying to be opened for mobile view. That link caused phone to stop working all together.


I will have to free up some memory and try again later. I can still access the site, and it will be great of I can also download pics from the field too. I blame the issues on my phone, as I was running google earth amoung other things, it drops me right on top of what Im doing.



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Peter Gill
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Thanks John,

You have given me good news :D The widget will not help you as that the little software for the scroll bar on the top of the main page and for the counter etc.

I am sure that this mobile package will be great for the phone user. Anyway, lets see what others users say about it...

This is just another way I am trying to make the site better than it is 8)


God Bless


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