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aazCardFile - Great for the Treasure Hunter

I have found a brilliant piece of software for creating a Index File database. This software is great for recording your site and find information. The amount of uses for this software is limited only by your imagination.


 This is part of my Sites Base


This is part of my Finds base

 Other great uses are for saving information on future sites, Recipes for cleaning artifacts, Detector settings, Gold charts, and any other information that you can think of.

This software can handle graphics, different fonts, links for webpages or even Google Earth Klm files, and Tables.

For more information visit here you can get all the information on the great features that this software offers. I believe that this software is the answer to a lot of the problems us treasure hunters have in recording information,,,,,, As an added bonus, all your information can be backed-up onto a memory stick.

Check out the website for License and cost information, it is worth every Dollar :-)

For the Latest Downloads visit: