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There are lots of people who collect tins, I do not have many of them but the ones I do have I enjoy..... 


This tin was given to troops for Christmas 1941. It was given by Jan Smuts and his wife (then President of South Africa). The tin held chocolate.


This tin is pretty damaged.... It was issued in 1953 to celebrate an anniversary for Pretoria in South Africa. 


This tin is from the 1960's and held sweets. My Mother used it to hold her buttons, which are still in the tin.


This tin held Fisherman's Friend sweets. 


Maizena Cornflour tin.


A nice round sweet tin. Held citrus flavored fruit drops. 


This tine held Crunchie Biscuits.... Tasty....


Cheese Straws tin from Woolworths shops.


A nice shaped tin that held Scottish Shortbread.


Salticrax are small salted cracker biscuits. Very popular in South Africa.


I hope you enjoy the small collection of tins that I have.