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Rocks and Gemstones.

This is a collection of rocks and gemstones that I have collected over the years. I am definitely not an expert on this hobby, so if you can help with rock names that are missing please send me a PM.


(1) Dendritic Rock (not a fossil) 


(2) Lepidolite (Zimbabwe)


(3) Unakite (Zimbabwe)

(4) Epidote in Basalt Lava (Zimbabwe)


(5) Almandine Garnetin Quartz Biotite Schist (Mozambique)


(6) Green Common Opal (Zimbabwe)


(7) Red Jasper (South-West Africa)


(8) Fuchsite Quartzite (Zimbabwe)

(9) Rose Quartz (South-West Africa)


(10) Hornblende Granite (Zimbabwe)


(11) Dumortierite Quartzite (Mozambique)


(12) Pink Granite (Zimbabwe)


(13) Amazonite (Zimbabwe)


(14) Verdite (South Africa)


(15) Aragonite (South-West Africa) 


(16) Amethyst  (South-West Africa)


(17) Calcrete (South-West Africa) 

(18) Unknown 

(19) Chalcedony or a Rhyolite


(20) Mica (South Africa)


(21) Unknown 

(22) Basalt with Calcite??

(23) K Feldspar (South Africa)


(24) Quartz with Specks of Mica (South Africa)


(25) Unknown 


(26) White Quartz (South Africa)


(27) Unknown


(28) White Quartz (South Africa)


(29) Iron Ore (South Africa)

(30) Unknown 


(31) Platinum Ore


(32) Agate ??


(33) Quartz in Lava (South Africa)


(34) Agate ??


(35) Diorite? (South Africa)


(36) Unknown


(37) Unknown 

(38) Unknown 

(39) Unknown


(40) Gold Reef with Gold Pirites (South Africa)


(41) Quartz Crystal (South Africa)


(42) Rose Quartz (South Africa)


(43) Unknown


(44) Unknown


(45) Unknown 


(46) Quartz (South Africa) 


(47) Gold Reef (South Africa)


(48) Quartz and ??


(49) Gold Reef (South Africa)


(50) Unknown 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection? As I get more identification of the samples, I will fill them in.

Thanks for looking.