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Puzzles....... Puzzles........ Puzzles........ Puzzles

Now here is a hobby that will keep a person busy for hours on end. Puzzles, they have been around since the beginning of time, and in some cultures are very important. The Chinese are very good at puzzles, in fact to them it is an art form.

One of the Chinese peoples greatest puzzles being the Chinese puzzle boxes. These come in all shapes and sizes, and are very decorated in Chinese art. Some of these boxes are easy to open, and some are almost impossible to open. Some of these boxes having more than an100 steps to accomplish.

The puzzles that I own are mostly made by me, although not designed by me. The selection that I have is very small compared to the amount of puzzles out there. 

 This is a puzzle box which is not that difficult to open, but must admit, when I first bought it, it took me a while to accomplish. After accomplishing this puzzle, then my eyes were opened to the sneaky ways in which puzzles are put together.


 With this puzzle, you have to get the beads to both be on the same side. As with all puzzles, accomplishing this is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is to return it back to the beginning ready to be started again by someone else.


 The aim of this puzzle is simply to remove the string :-) Umm not so easily done.


 This is probably the easiest of my puzzles, you just have to remove the chain while holding both handles.


 This is a great puzzle because quite often, when the ring does come off, you are so surprised that you cannot remember how you accomplished it. You still have to put the ring back onto the string.


 This is the latest in puzzles that I have made. All you have to do is remove the nut from the bolt, with your hands only.

This is one of those puzzles that can mess with your brain, and when you do succeed, you kick yourself.


 This is another puzzle where you have to bring both beads together. A little thought, and it is not too bad to do.


 This is the easiest of the wire puzzles. This one came from a Christmas Cracker. All you have to do is to separate the pieces.


 This is a Burr Puzzle. You just have to separate the pieces and put them back again. Also tricky at first, but when you get the hang of it, it is quite easy to do.


 I love this puzzle. This puzzle is attached to someones buttonhole. All they have to do, is remove it. I have had people walking all day with this attached to them.


 This one is brilliant. Although not too bad to work out, it is very tricky. The worse part is putting it back together again. All you have to do is to remove the ball.


 The object of this puzzle is to remove the ring. So far I am yet to accomplish this, and yes I have tried. Could this be an impossible puzzle???

 This is a table or desk puzzle. You just have to place the washer on the other side of the puzzle. Nice puzzle and can take time to accomplish.


 This puzzle is quite easy to do. You just have to remove the ring off the center of the two horseshoes. There are not that many moves that you can do, which makes it easier to me.


 The idea of this one is to remove the string. Looking at it, and trying it out... I think this could also be an impossible puzzle. I have not beat this one.


 This one is fairly easy. You just have to sit the riders on the two horses.


This is fun hobby, although some of the puzzles if you buy them are quite costly. There are many puzzles that a person can make for themselves. And believe me this will keep you happy for many hours.


A couple of good websites to visit if you are interested in puzzles is :

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Puzzles on YouTube.


Hope that this page gives you some ideas on what there are out there in the way of puzzles. There are so many different kinds of puzzles. Give them all a try and have fun.