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This is not so much of a hobby for me as it is more of a collection that has been created over the years. Postcards are fascinating in the sense that they bring the world a step closer to you. What I really enjoy about postcards, is that a lot of them were created many years ago, and yet are still on sale today.... If you look at the cars and the clothing, you will see what I mean.

Some of these cards are quite personal as they have come from members of my own family who today are not around. But when you read them, you get to see their handwriting and personal touches that they placed on those cards.

I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. There are over a 100 cards in all, so I have spread them over a couple of pages so that the time for loading is shortened.

South Africa

 This first lot are from Capetown showing in and around Table Mountain.


Cable car on Table mountain. 

Table Mountain in the background. 

View of Table Mountain and the docks.

Table Mountain and the docks. 



Capetown Gardens. 


Night view of the Mountain. 


The Cable way from the top of the mountain. 


The Capetown Railway Station.


Capetown at night with lights shining onto the mountain.


Hout Bay, Capetown.


Table Mountain Restaurant. Great scones and cream.


The Railway Station.


 Table Bay.


Fishing with Mountain in Background.


Fish Hoek Beach.


Adderley Street, Capetown. 


South Africa's First Railway Locomotive built in 1859 that was used between Wellington and Capetown. Now housed in the capetown Railway Station.


 Free state


Cinderellas Castle. Clarens.

This castle was a famous land mark in this part of the country. The castle was made up from 55,000 dumpy beer bottles. The castle also housed South Africa's largest gemstone collection.

Unfortunately, the owners sold the ground, and the new owners knocked down the castle. The ground now just has a house on it.



This is a panoramic post card of Durban in Kwazulu Natal. This place is a well known holiday spot due to the nice beaches.


Some of the main spots of Durban.




A night time panoramic photo of Johannesburg.


The Carlton Center, Johannesburg.


Limpopo Province



Lindani Game Reserve.


Postcards 1  Postcards 2  Postcards 3