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Odds and Ends

This page has some odds and ends that are part of my collections, but do not fit anywhere else..


This is a menu from a 1969 Adams bakery (UK) Annual Dinner for employees.


Menu from a Dinner Dance for Adams bakery (UK) employees. 


Annual Dinner Dance 1970, Adams Bakery (UK)

Sample Ballot paper from the South African 2004 Elections.


This is a book from 1964 that was given out in a womens magazine. It has all sorts of still relevant hints and tips.


1972 - 1973 Football season. Stoke City.


This is a savings account book from the Rhodesian Post Office.



Beer Coasters. Lion Lager was discontinued some years back.


Cloth sew-on badges


This sew-on badge was from the days when we belonged to a CB Radio (Citizen Radios) security watch in South Africa. CB's were very popular then. 


Rhodesia sew-on badge.


A small flag that was used in the 1970's speedway racing in Rhodesia.


Speedway racing flag for Bulawayo, Rhodesia.


A Baby antique baby scale, wooden base is damaged.


This is a Master disc made from Aluminium for the process of making 7" vinyl records. The disc is silver plated.

Check out this link which talks about this disc. Vinyl Records

The song on this disc is "Some People" by Cliff Richards.