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No 4 Shaft House

About 20 years ago a house was hit by lightning and burnt to the ground. The people who owned the house, sold the ground to Venterspost Gold Mine. A few years ago a mine shaft was built on this same property. This shaft is a white elephant as it has not been used, in fact some of the shaft has been stripped already. Venterspost gold mine has now shut down and the main shaft removed.


 Please be patient while movie loads.....


All that is left of this house, is a chimney stack and 2 foundation slabs and a swimming pool. The rest was burnt to the ground. The house had a thatch roof which caught fire when the lightning stuck the house.


The main Chimney.


Chimney from the side.

Swimming Pool


Swim Pool and change room 

 The mine shaft is within view of this house and in a way, seems like a tribute to the memory    of this house.


 I have now detected this site 2 times, and both times came away with just about nothing. There is a lot of junk here, and even th old house bricks that are lying around, seem to give out a signal on the detector..... So there are lots of bad hits.


Photo of finds from 1st trip


Best find from today, do not have a clue what it is though.


 There is lots of melted metal lying around.



Pull tabs and a coke bottle crown.


.22 shell casing.