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Military Museum

I have always had an interest in the military. And over the years have collected a fair amount of military stuff. Some of the stuff was what I was issued with in the Rhodesian army, and the rest is what I have been given or just picked up.

I have a collection of the Rhodesian army badges and buttons. This collection is far from complete, but is quite nice.

I then have a collection of South African military badges and buttons. Some are from the first and second world wars, but most are from the South African Bush war times.

My last collection of Badges is from Australia. These were sent to me from a friend who is in the military in Australia. He was also a part of the monitoring forces that were in Rhodesia during the hand over to Mugabe.

I have some documents from the Rhodesian war, these were collected and issued to me while serving in the Rhodesian army.

The first Item is my military drivers licence.

Each driver was forced to carry with him at all times, "The Drivers Standing Orders" book.

We also had to carry at all times a "Land-mine Incident Report" form. This was used if we came across a land-mine incident, or was involved in a mine incident. 

Of course, before going to the army, each person had to register for military service.

 Here is the instructions on using the R1M1 trip flare.


During training, each of us was given a little book called "Skill at Arms", this book gives lots of information to do with shooting

Every soldier has to carry with them identification in the way of "Dog Tags" , the Rhodesian tags were made of a waterproof and a fireproof material. My tags also have my first grenade pin attached to it.

Most of us made jewelry using bullet heads and radio mast rope.

All of us had unit colours, the RAR (Rhodesian African Rifles) was green and black, this was represented on our dress belts.

Rhodesia being hot, we often walked around in shorts and t-shirts.

We also had our famous caps which we used to wear, these were great as they had a flap at the back to keep the sun off our necks.

We also wore a scarf which was also used for camouflaging our equipment during rest periods.

I have my army issue towel, which was a bit short but I guess did the job it was intended for.

I have a 7" single that played at 33 1/3 speed called "This is the RAR" a collectors piece.


 The words to the RAR march song "Sweet Banana"

 Hope that you enjoyed the tour of my museum?