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Horse Riding

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to do horse riding. It has taken me about 50 years to get there :-) Although I have ridden horses before, I have only been having lessons for about 4 Month. I manage a lesson only once a week, so am not riding like a pro yet, but I am getting there.

I did not realize just how much exercise a person gets while riding horses. I thought it was more a matter of just resting on the horses back, but how wrong I was.

In April / May 2010, I managed to go on holiday to Margate at the coast, and Clarens in the Freestate. I was fortunate to be able to have gone on 4 horse rides, one along the wild coast beach, one in the Oribi Gorge Lake Eland game reserve, one in the valley in Clarens and the last one in the mountains in Clarens. This was an amazing experience, and is the reason I took the lessons in the first place.

Is horse riding easy? NO, but it is well worth the experience if you can get to do it.

 Riding Lessons 


The most boring part of the lessons is balance training. You are lead around while trying to just stay on the horse.

Just when you think you are great and can lead the horse yourself :-(

 This being lead around seems to go on and on, but in the end it is worthwhile.

 Another part of the training is leg strengthening, this is accomplished with leaving the legs hanging down, not using stirrups. 

Finally the lessons pay off and you start to ride on your own. This was also the time to go on holiday and ride.


My Holiday Rides.



  The beginning of the sea ride.                    Riding along the beach.

  Splashing around in the sea.  Start of the ride at Lake Eland Game reserve.

   Other people that joined us. On the road in the reserve.

   Heading for the valley in Clarens.              Follow the leader.

  Ride into the valley.                                  Heading for the mountains in Clarens.

  Riding along a ridge. Going Up.

I am glad that I managed to have this experience. When you are riding along, with fresh air and the great scenery, it is an experience that is worth having lessons for.  

I am still carrying on with my lessons, but am hoping to organize a couple of other rides out on the farms or reserves.

We have gone to a couple of horse shows to watch the more competent people ride, and these shows have been a great couple of days out. More shows to follow.