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Waterpan Horse Riding Club


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The Waterpan horse riding club was started by "Western Areas Gold Mine" as a part of their sports club activities.

This club was popular, as it was the only club in the area where people could stable their horses for a small fee.


 The club consisted of Stables, Storerooms, Ablution block, and a tuck shop / judges box. There was a main arena that had pole jumps and a water jump and a couple of ramps. The judges box was situated on top of the tuck shop, with the entrance at the back of the shop with a staircase.


 There was many competitions carried out at this club including, Show Jumping and Dressage. Many competitions which included other mines showcasing their horses and riders happened on this property.

Riding lessons for beginners and advanced were given by well trained people, and many a champion came out of this club.


 The clubs stables were very well organised, which is normal for any place that the mines put up. Lots of care was given in the structure of these buildings, with each paddock having it's own feeding trough and water area.


 The main arena was quite large with plenty of space to erect jumping poles and other obstacles. There is a water trap / jump and a ramp that the horses ran over. On the one side is a dip in the ground that the hoses had to run through.


 Included at this club was an entertainment area for sitting and having Braais (Barbeque's), and just mixing together.


So far I have not found a great deal of stuff here, but this place is very big and will take some time to complete.


 This club was eventually shut down after the mine closed it's doors in about 1996.