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Over the years, I have always been drawn to knowing who my family were, and where they came from. I took on the venture of doing research, which has led me to a whole new world of understanding of who the Gill family, and the joining members of my family are.

I have gone wide with the research, following both my Father and Mothers side of the family. Who are the different individuals? what type of work do they do? Where did they come from? These are some of the questions that I have been asking and researching.

It has not been easy to follow, as many of the individuals, especially on my Mother's side have now passed on, and the rest are living in England, while I am living in South Africa.

Gill Family Crest 

I noticed while I was searching for family information, that many resources need to be used to complete the family tree. Below I have added some links which I hope will help you to put together your tree without too much bother. There are many other sites and software available to you on the Internet, depending on what it is you wish to get from your tree, you should try out various avenues before deciding on a final solution.


Click here to see the Gill's Family Tree 




Anyone wanting to research their families will sooner or later find that they will need software to help them. There plenty of programs out there that have been written to help you, and below is a list of just a few of them. You need to try out each and decide what works for you. This site has a program names "GenFinder" which I believe you should start with. It is free, and is full of links to various other sites and software that can help you in your quest. This is the home of "Brothers Keeper" which is one of the most widely used Shareware programs out there. Legacy, has now been offered free of charge to anyone that wants it. This software is very powerful, but also very easy to use and set-up. Another easy to use package is "Ancestral Quest". Also has everything that you need in a software package. With this site you can download their software to build your tree and then publish the tree to the web.

Of course, if you are good with Database software like "Ms Access" why not design your own software according to your needs?


Good Information


Here are a few links that you can use to help you get started in your quest to find out more about your family: Here you will find a fair amount of resources that you can download to get you started. This includes a starters tutorial. This site is run by the "Latter Day Saints" church who are very up to date with genealogy. Most of their facilities are offered to the public, free of any charge. This site offers census reports for British genealogy. This site offers more than 94000 links to various other genealogy sites, and other great information. This is a great first site to go and visit.

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