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Decorative Spoons

I have a reasonable size collection of decorative spoons. These are mainly from South Africa, but a few from other countries.

This is a slow hobby, as I have to wait for people to go on holiday, or for me to go on holiday. I have a rack for the spoons, but have recently run out of space on the rack for all the spoons, new rack is now needed.

The first photo is of spoons with I guess an historical significance, The "Rhodesia" spoon is now not available to buy, as the country has had a name change to "Zimbabwe".

The "Cinderella's Castle" spoon is also history due to the fact that the property with the castle on it was sold, and the new owners knocked the castle down. The castle housed the largest gemstone collection in the Southern Hemisphere, the best part was that the castle was made from Beer bottles.

I also have a spoon for a tourist place called "Gold Reef City", this place is a old mine that has now been turned into a theme park, museum, casino. The spoon is historical in that it has a Old South African sixpence on the handle.

I have a spoon from "Sun City", which is also a casino / holiday resort.... the place where this is situated is in the old country of Bophuthatswana, which now is part of South Africa. My spoon has their flag dangling on the handle.

I have another spoon the same as the above for a small town in South Africa named "Vrede", this spoon has the old South African flag on it.

Finally I have a spoon from the old "Transvaal Snake Park", in South Africa. First of the Transvaal does not exist anymore as it was renamed by the new government to "Gauteng". But also the snake park closed down a number of years ago, due to lack of funds to keep the place functioning. Now the place has turned into a disco, with the people dancing in the old snake pits..... What a change...


 All the rest of the photo's are the normal spoons I have in my collection.


Quite interesting to see the different shapes, sizes and the materials that these spoons are made off. About 4 off the spoons are made of Silver, and two are gold plated.


The 5th spoon in the above photo, is from "Lucerne" Switzerland for the company "Rolex", the guys who make the watches. I am not sure as to why they put the spoon out? maybe just a spoon they sell at their factory.


There is a lesson that you can learn on the spoons, as some show the animals, birds, flags and buildings from the places they represent.



The 2nd spoon in the photo above is from a place called "Santarama". This place is a model village, all proceeds from the front desk go to the Tuberculosis foundation. Even charities have their own spoons.


My favourite in shapes are the Scallops, like the 3rd spoon in the above photo. 


The 2nd spoon in the above photo is from Holland. The emblem on the spoon being in the typical Holland blue colour.


Spoon collecting is a nice hobby, as the spoons look great when hanging on the rack. It can be a costly hobby as some spoons are quite expensive to buy. I have 49 spoons in my collection at this time, but every time someone goes away, I ask them to get me a spoon.

 I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photo's, and if you have any spoons that are not needed, give me a shout, I would love to take them from you :-)