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Computer Museum

A while ago, I had to give a course for beginners on computers. As an introduction to computers I gave the learners a bit of an history lesson. To make the history lesson more interesting, I showed them a lot of old computer parts and compared them to the same newer technology. The items below, are some of the things that I showed to the learners.


The first computer ran on Valves, and never computed as the valves would blow

Old Components and an integrated I.C  

A 8" Floppy Disc


8" Disc compaired to a 6" 360Kb disc


A cassette for a ZX81 Computer holding a game.


A 7 single holding a ZX81 Computer game.


A magnetic tape storage reel


Storage Disc. This disc is about 500mm in Diameter


Tape storage cartridge


360Kb Floppy Disc Drive


The mechanics of the FDD drive


Hard Disc Drive +- 20 Mb


Inside of the HDD


Lazer Printer Font Storage card


IBM Daisy Wheel printer Font


2400 Baud Modem


Front face of 2400 Baud Modem



28800 Baud US Robotics Modem


PBC 286 Laptop


Closed PBC Laptop, back section is the battery


Old Zenith 286 Laptop and Battery pack


Open Zenith Laptop

 Hope you have enjoyed the trip down the lane of computers? Some of this stuff goes right back to the beginning of the PC. The first PC I had was the ZX81 computer in 1981. This computer worked on the basic language and also machine code. We have moved far since those days.