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Ok, so this is not a hobby of mine, but hey, I do have a lot of Buttons :-)

If you do a search on the Internet, you will find that this is quite a hobby. Homemade buttons is very common, and even makes a fair amount of money.

These buttons are from the late 1800's and were found at a Boer war site (South Africa) that was used by the British. 


General Services Corps. Royal Arms.

1871 - 1901 "QVC"

Queen Victoria Crown Button

Found at a British Boer War site in South Africa. 


A button from the uniform of a Rhodesia Railways driver / guard.


A button from a "Springbok" blazer (South Africa).


An Eagle button from the USA military.


Normal Button ranging from the 60's 









I am sure that there must be millions of different types, sizes, shapes and colors when it comes to buttons. I would imagine if you specialize in certain types of buttons, you could make up a very nice collection.