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Bank Notes

Bank Notes 1  Bank Notes 2 


Although my main interest lies with coinage, over the years I have gathered a fair amount of note currency. Some of the notes are in good condition, some creased and some torn, but here they are in their full glory.

You will notice with the Zimbabwe money, that most of them are "Bearer Cheques" and not true notes. These were issued during the time when there was a shortage of currency. These cheques have expiry dates on them, but often was used even though the date had run out.


One Hundred Trillion Dollars 


$20,000 Bearer Cheque




$10,000 Bearer Cheque 



$5,000 Bearer Cheque





$500.00 Bearer Cheque 





$100.00 Bearer Cheque 





 $50.00 Bearer Cheque

 $20.00 Bearer Cheque



 $10.00 Bearer Cheque

$5.00 Bearer Cheque 



$1.00 Bearer Cheque 



$0.10 Bearer Cheque 

 What is amazing with the Zimbabwe money is that in 2006 they had a 10 Cent cheque, and then in 2008 the highest currency in the world was needed $100 000 000 000 000 (One Hundred Trillion Dollars) that is scary......


 Bank Notes 1  Bank Notes 2