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Badges and Button Badges

Although I do not have a massive collection of badges, I do enjoy the ones that I have.

Historical Badges


British Boy Scouts badge that I have had since the 1970's


Old enamel badge of the Germiston Railway Institute South Africa.


Old South African, Johannesburg, Tramway's men's Union.

Trams went out of service many years ago....


Badge of the "Voortrekkers" scouts group of South Africa.


Modern Badges


South African Blood Donors award badge.


Badge from Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa.


2 different size Hiv / Aids badges 


Badge from "Johannesburg Water" the company that I work for.


Another "Johannesburg Water" Badge. 


Mission Aviation Fellowship Member badge. This is a Christian ministry that use small planes to carry out their work.


National Electric company badge. 


National Occupational Safety Association.


Button Badges


BP Oil Company 


A button badge that makes a statement...


Fun Button Badge


Hard Rock Cafe from the USA.


Important message on a button badge. 


A safety representative badge from Western Areas Gold Mine in South Africa.


This is my own collection of badges and buttons that I have managed to accumulate over the years.