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just want to say that circuit boards are a pleniful way to get both gold and silver for a matter of a couple of pounds on the small time using wood chips the selected parts and some petrol/ethanol based substance such as white spirit or paint stripper and a couple of bricks to create a surround for the fire

the 3 rules of gold and silver with electronics are connections, storage and lasers the rules i will explain are look for in mobile phones are keypads and circuit boards 

with computers look for disk drives and sd card and usb connecters and mylars in keyboards under keys these need acid desolvesion so more expert a job but in the old towers take connection pins,plasic blocks off of banked wires, storage teeth on cb flats and make sure you burn the hardrive and RAM  units not just for securaty but as their full of gold and silver the trick with them burn with wood chips but keep adding the liquid fire fuel of your choice in small doses out of a cup or bowl for safety      

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Peter Gill
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Interesting,,,, but the chemicles are wicked and working with them needs lots of ventilation and safety equipment.... But yes lots of money can be made :-)


God Bless


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some of its is more advanced such as acids but burning just needs ethinol and that stuff is smokeless when it burns the other fire fuels are just suggestions for people who can't find ethinol 

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also find some low grade gold and silver on ebay in bulks of mixed jewelery

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printing china is a good place to know about china and also where you can turn to when encountering some technical printing issues.

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Among all the detecting activities, gold metal detecting is the most interesting one. It can not only relax both your body and mind , but also give you a big fortune if you are lucky enough.Next time if you feel bored, you can pick up  gold  metal detectors  and have a try.

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