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well i found myself with my last £35 on me i decided to visit a charity shop and looked at some silverware(a tea set, a candlestick, a sause jug, a set of napkin rings, a vase, a quadruplet of spoons and a trio of old goblets) on a display stand and asked how much the whole lot was and after a while i talked them into letting me take the lot for my remaining cash and an old gold ring i was carrying and drove in to a larger town and went to an antiques shop and sold the tea set and napkin rings for a staggering £800 in cash then went to a branch of ernest jones and then collected £220 for the SCRAP value not the pieces true value    

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Peter Gill
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Wow that is good profits, well done on that :D


God Bless


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I was surprised how my=uch gold and silver I had laying around the house from detecting local parks. I also started stripping gold from computer chips and that was easier than I thought it would be. Alays nice to find money laying around lol.

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